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Real Stone Molded Concrete Form Liners

All Milestones Form Liners Are:

  • Molded from real stone
  • Available in multiple use and/or limited use
  • Approximately 2-4 lbs./sq. foot
  • Designed to hide liner shape and pattern repeat
  • Available in many patterns…

True Stone Coloring

Milestones formliners are created from real stone in order to give the ultimate in realistic texture and pattern. We have developed a system of post-application coloring which further enhances the realism of the final product. Coloring materials have been chosen for their ability to withstand years of exposure in the harshest of environments. The coloring system can be applied with the simplest of equipment and in a method that is fast and economical. Milestones Incorporated offers products, training and support to help you meet even the most demanding of expectations. Below are just a few examples of the endless possibilities.

MS-1001 12″ Cut Stone with 4″ granite cap stone liner, colored to match yellow bluff limestone.

MS-1003 English Dry Stack,
colored to match aged granite.

MS-1006 Small Random Ashlar,
colored to match exposed face Chilton.

MS-2001 Yosemite Guardwall,
colored to match Yosemite granite.

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